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Evest introduces investing baskets, a fusion of cutting-edge technology and financial expertise, providing limitless potential and a transformative investment journey.

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EVEST Investment Basket

Evest's Investment Baskets redefine possibilities with 14 tailored portfolios, ensuring lowered risk through expert diversification, all at a feasible cost. Experience innovation, accessibility, and exceptional results in one transformative investment solution.


14 Baskets


100% Lowered Risk


100% Feasible Cost

100% Innovative Trading Solution For Long-term Trading

Evest is delighted to provide its investment baskets, which include a carefully curated selection of promising financial instruments grouped according to their weighted average, price performance over the previous 60 sessions, and closing price

The EIBs are designed for different types of traders that can be but not limited to:

VDon't have time

VRisk conservative

VInterested in ETFs

VWant to trade long-term

VLooking for investment like tool

Some Of The Eibs Available For Trading

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